Physician Employment Agreement

While these manuals are not a substitute for legal advice provided by qualified health advisors who have experience representing physician clients, they provide an in-depth description of the basic terms of the contract, which are generally included in employment contracts. They also explain the importance of the provisions and language that benefit the physician-collaborator. You can use these resources to find examples of language that may be problematic for the physician`s employee. An experienced health care lawyer in the state where you want to work can help you identify and resolve problematic contractual arrangements before they become a problem. Your Crown medical society may be able to provide a referral for a trusted lawyer near you. You can also find a doctor-mentor who has gone through this process. Your perspective can help you avoid frequent pitfalls. Remembering a few basics can help you know if you are a new doctor or an experienced doctor. When negotiating an employment contract, ask if the employer agrees to limit cases where the restrictive pact is applied. The agreement could provide, for example. B, that the restrictive pact will not be applied if you terminate your employment for substantive reasons. Benefits can significantly increase your base pay and the content you have in your new position.

Knowing what benefits are included in your earnings is an important step in understanding your employment contract. Examples of benefits include the payment of your royalties and contributions to professional companies, leave, continuing education financing, civil liability, disability insurance and student loan payments. Employers often relax deadlines, so that employed physicians can respond flexibly to the needs of their patients and practice. However, your employment contract should specify that some hospitals and health systems guarantee a minimum of one year for an employment contract. Note that if you agree, you are contractually obliged to stay for the duration. Whatever the good and cordiality of the discussion about your employment contract, you should insist on obtaining in writing all the terms of your employment or your practical affiliation. This greatly reduces the potential for errors and misunderstandings. As an employee physician, your contract must provide a detailed description of what you expect. These include the type of medicine practiced, the number of hours worked, your availability and child care, outpatient care or administrative tasks. While it sounds simple, understanding your homework and homework will help set the tone for a successful relationship in advance. You should understand and become familiar with compensation.

If not, ask someone to go through digital examples. Before accepting an employment contract, you must be familiar with the median salary of a doctor in your specialty on this geographic site. If you don`t know what your skills are worth in the local market, you won`t know if the compensation offered by the practice or the employer is fair. Discover Doctor Health First, AAFP`s interactive web portal on resources to improve the well-being of physicians. If you have coverage (for claims filed during the year of coverage), you will need registration confirmation (“tail cover”) when your job ends. This is the case for incidents that occur during employment but are not prosecuted until after the end of employment.