Discover Network Program Agreement

For more information on Visa`s CISP program, please visit the ISPI Visa website: The Food Stamp Program is the state`s performance program that is managed under the supervision of the Food Stamp Act of 1964. As a condition for the provision of card program services, we may, at our sole discretion, require that you provide additional guarantees for your obligations under these commitments, additional guarantees that will be provided to us satisfactorily and in addition to any other guarantees in accordance with Section 24.4.1 (ii) of this Directive. These additional guarantees may be .B(A) a loan-to-credit if issued in an amount and on terms: which are acceptable to us by a letter of credit that we accept, or (B) the commitment of a certificate of deposit that is yours, at an amount satisfactory to us and provided that all agreements (including third parties agreements) that are satisfactory to us, as well as all notifications and/or other measures necessary to perfect, conclude, conclude and/or take a priority security interest on our acceptable terms. We may require that the additional guarantees be fully or partially guaranteed in the form of a reserve account, as defined below in this section 25, at any time if: (i) this agreement or the provision of services under that agreement, for any reason, or a party that has terminated this agreement or (ii) an event that gives us the right to terminate that contract or the provision of services under that agreement, or which, with the announcement and/or expiry of the deadline, would give us the right to terminate that agreement or the provision of services in that section, and you have not provided any additional guarantee of any kind or quantity presented to us. , as stated in this section. , satisfactory for us, or (iii) neither (i) nor (ii) above in this section, but we found that additional guarantees are required, we asked for them to provide the same and you did not provide any additional guarantees of a satisfactory nature and amount for us, as noted above in this section. Any reserve account created is subject to the conditions set out in this section 25 and all other conditions of this agreement with respect to the “reserve account.” When we require additional guarantees in the form of a reserve account, the following provisions of this section 25:29.1. PIN card taking apply. Most, but not all, bank cards (debit cards) can be accepted at the point of sale on participating sites. Check the back of the debit card to see if the card is part of a PIN debit network that you can accept. PIN debit network marks are usually printed on the back of the card.

If the PIN debit card is valid and issued by a financial institution participating in a PIN debit network, you must meet the following general requirements for all participating PIN debit networks, in addition to the specific requirements of this PIN debit network: 27.1. You are responsible and conscientious in releasing us and protecting us from all losses, debts, losses and expenses: (a) resulting from a violation by you of a guarantee, contract or agreement or misrepresentation in the context of this agreement; (b) negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of your employees in card transactions or any other means resulting from the provision of goods and services to cardholders; (c) your use of the services; (d) we or the parties acting on our behalf, who exercise the rights conferred on us by this Agreement or who collect the money owed under this Agreement; or (e) because of third-party exemptions that we must grant because of your actions (including compensation from an organization or card issuer).