Australia New Zealand Tax Agreement

5.6 To avoid tax evasion, tax treaties provide for the exchange of information between the relevant tax authorities. Contracts can also provide for cross-border collection of tax debts and exclude certain types of tax discrimination. Taxpayers can also use treaty mutual agreement procedures, which allow the two tax authorities to work together to develop a common interpretation and resolve disputes arising from the implementation of the treaty. How can we request a decision by the competent authority, in accordance with Article 4, paragraph 3, of the New Australia Double Taxation Convention, in the measures related to Article 4, paragraph 1, of the Multilateral Convention on the Implementation of Tax Contract Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Transfer (LIV)? 4.2 The Jersey Agreement was signed in London on 10 June 2009. There is no such agreement between Australia and Jersey. The Jersey Agreement was signed in conjunction with the agreement between the Australian government and the Jersey government on the exchange of tax information (Jersey Information Exchange Agreement), which will provide a legal basis for the exchange of tax information between the two countries. Together, the two agreements will promote greater economic and administrative cooperation between the two countries. 2.377 Unlike the mutual agreement procedure, which can be invoked where a subject believes that a non-contracted tax will or can be applied, the arbitration mechanism is only available for effective imposition contrary to the agreement resulting from the actions of Australia or New Zealand or both. This would include cases in which a tax or tax fixing has been made or where the subject has been formally informed by the ATO or the new Zealand Inland Revenue Department that he or she is taxed on a product item.

[Article 25, paragraph 6] Tax treaties are formal bilateral agreements between two jurisdictions. Australia has tax agreements with more than 40 jurisdictions. 2.82 In this context, the competent authorities take into account the person`s place of management, where the person is received or otherwise trained, as well as all other relevant factors, such as the factors listed in Article 4 of paragraph 24 of the OECD`s commentary on the OECD model (OECD model). In the absence of an agreement between the competent authorities, such a person is not entitled to an img. or exemption from the exemption under the convention. How can we ask the competent authority to decide, in accordance with Article 10, paragraph 3, paragraph c), of the double taxation agreement, that the payment of a given dividend be subject to a zero rate of withholding tax? 2.375 cases in accordance with paragraph 1 can only access the arbitration mechanism if the competent authorities do not reach an agreement within two years of the first referral of the competent authority of one country from the competent authority of the other country. If the case is not resolved after that date, the person may request that the arbitration mechanism be used. Access to arbitration is automatic in such cases; it is not subject to the explicit consent of the competent authorities.

5.70 The “dependant” ATO is also linked to tax treaties and mutual agreement procedures (including pre-price agreements). These costs also apply to existing rules.